by Testing
on March 24, 2017

Check out these new tools!

Let me first explain the anatomy of the problem she (and I) experienced:

  • Your business is a website or an app.
  • You speak to a lot of people to validate your pitch & even show them screenshots of your future site.
  • Based on feedback, you improve your idea/screenshots, validate further (and repeat updating-validating cycles). Then you get on to building the beast.
  • Building takes a while and costs money (darn) -however, you have an amazing feeling of accomplishment and excitement as you see your website coming to life.
  • You've read the Lean Startup. The whole time, you keep on thinking about "keeping it lean" so you only include 30% of all the features you want your site to have. You feel apologetic whenever you present the site to others because of it.


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